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automation tools for devops

Top 6 Automation Tools for DevOps

DevOps refers to creating collaboration between development and operations staff to improve productivity and reduce errors. However, DevOps automation utilizes pre-built tools to reuse the workflow of development and operations. It automatically responds to the events occurring from development to … Read More

Is DevOps a Good Career Path

Is DevOps a Good Career Path?

The digital world is experiencing fast-paced emerging technologies, improving the development process with minimum errors. With applications evolving rapidly, various supporting development concepts like Scrum, Agile, CI/CD, and DevOps are the key focus of the digital economy. According to survey … Read More

how to start career in DevOps

How to Start Career in DevOps?

Are you a developer looking to start a successful career in the IT industry? Are you looking to shift your career to the DevOps model? If the answer to these questions is yes, you must be wondering how to start … Read More

career objectives for DevOps Engineer

What is the Career Objective for DevOps Engineer?

DevOps engineers are in-demand skillful professionals in the dominant IT era who automate multiple processes throughout the entire software development lifecycle. If you want to be a successful DevOps engineer or hire one for your team, you are at the … Read More

monitoring tools

Top 6 Monitoring Tools for DevOps in 2023

DevOps ensures continuous improvements, high-quality development, quick delivery, and cost optimization in the software development industry. It bridges the gap between development and operations to create effective collaboration, combining the best engineering practices to implement successfully. The process requires a … Read More

microsoft azure certification

Learn about Microsoft Azure DevOps Certification (AZ-400)

Microsoft Azure DevOps provides development services that enable teams to coordinate work and organize their code during the development and deployment of applications. There is a high demand for DevOps skills, and technical professionals who possess them may have the … Read More

testing tool

Top 5 DevOps Testing Tools for 2023

DevOps refers to automating and streamlining your development lifecycle. Organizations require a results-oriented DevOps testing strategy to implement the best practice of Continuous Integration (CI), where each aspect of development runs its operations while configuring issues several times a day. … Read More

no-code development

How No-Code Development is Changing Software Industry?

Low-code/no-code development and platforms have enabled higher quality and faster delivery in the software development industry. Let’s define low-code/no-code development, why it’s gaining traction, and how it’s transforming the software industry. While the LN/NC has its benefits and disadvantages, its … Read More

new age of software development

The New Age of Software Development: Post COVID-19

The Covid-19 pandemic that has hit the world in 2020 has devastatingly impacted routine life and impacted workers in two distinct ways. On the one hand, experts playing the most crucial role like medical professionals and caretakers, emergency service providers, … Read More

CI CD Pipeline

CI/CD Pipeline – Case Study

Introduction Bokbasen, an Oslo, Norway-based Information service, offers many benefits to all parts of Norway’s publishing community. The company develops a catalog with information about all Norwegian publishers. By utilizing this single centralized register, the industry can easily implement this … Read More