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Top 6 Automation Tools for DevOps

DevOps refers to creating collaboration between development and operations staff to improve productivity and reduce errors. However, DevOps automation utilizes pre-built tools to reuse the workflow of development and operations. It automatically responds to the events occurring from development to … Read More

Free and Open Source DevOps Monitoring Tools

Top Free and Open Source DevOps Monitoring Tools

DevOps makes developing applications faster, testing regularly, and releasing more frequently while improving quality and reducing costs. To achieve this goal, DevOps monitoring tools offer automation, scalable measurement, and transparency throughout the entire development lifecycle from planning, development, integration, testing, … Read More

DevOps Tools for each Stage of DevOps Lifecycle

DevOps Tools for each Stage of DevOps Lifecycle

The DevOps approach is the new trend in agile software development. It drives a cultural shift that welcomes development and operations teams on the same page. The DevOps enabling approach involves a cultural evolution, new management rules, and software utilities … Read More

Powerful DevOps Tools

Top 10 Powerful DevOps Tools for 2022

DevOps is a fundamental idea in the technical community. It is the intersection of software development and operations to guarantee continuous integration (CI) and delivery (CD). For those unfamiliar with the subject, DevOps is defined as follows in layman’s terms: … Read More