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Learn about Microsoft Azure DevOps Certification (AZ-400)

microsoft azure certification

Microsoft Azure DevOps provides development services that enable teams to coordinate work and organize their code during the development and deployment of applications. There is a high demand for DevOps skills, and technical professionals who possess them may have the opportunity to take advantage of these opportunities. Project managers, developers, and independent contributors can collaborate more efficiently and effectively through the Azure DevOps platform.

With Azure DevOps Services, enterprises can accelerate product development and enhancements using the cloud or on-premises. You can access the Azure DevOps service through your web browser or IDE client. So, let us discuss what Azure DevOps certifications bring to the table.

What does Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer Expert Certification Offer

With Microsoft Azure DevOps certification, you can create a DevOps environment. As an Agile practitioner with Azure, Azure Administrator, or Azure Developer knowledge, Microsoft’s Azure DevOps Engineer Expert certification will help you apply for thousands of job openings worldwide.

What exactly is the AZ-400 exam?

This DevOps Engineer Expert Certification certifies that a person is qualified to be a Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer by possessing fundamental knowledge and proven skills. The Microsoft AZ-400 mock test is designed to prepare candidates for the Microsoft AZ-400 certification and help them pass it.

Providers of training programs

Several online training courses are available to help candidates prepare for the exam. As part of an online learning path, Microsoft offers the AZ-400 exam, which measures the skills that are covered. A third-party training organization may also offer Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineers Certification training. There are three types of online courses offered by Intellipaat: K21Academy, Cloud Academy, and eLearning Academy.

Are there any accessible preparation tests for Microsoft Azure DevOps?

You will be able to gain familiarity with the topics and formats of the questions if you take practice tests. You will also be able to identify areas where you may need further training. As well as taking simulated practice tests online, you can become familiar with taking tests in a timed environment. Edusum and Pearson Vue both offer practice tests. In the Pearson Vue Measure Up AZ-400: Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions practice exam, candidates will have the opportunity to prepare for and pass the Microsoft AZ-400 exam.

Is there a place where one can register for the exam?

Candidates can schedule Microsoft certification exams through the Pearson VUE website. A proctor can monitor the test-taking process either online or in an authorized testing facility.

How long will it take to complete the exam?

A certification exam consisting of 40-60 questions will take approximately 210 minutes to complete. A candidate with English as a Second Language is given an additional 30 minutes to complete the exam when Pearson VUE does not offer the test in their native language.
In what ways does the exam assess competencies?

Microsoft measures the following skills and assigns weighted percentages to each of them:

  • Develop an instrumentation strategy (5-10%)
  • The implementation of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) (5-10%)
  • Prepare a security and compliance plan (10-15%)
  • Ensure that source control is maintained (10-15%)
  • Collaboration and communication are encouraged (10-15%)
  • Determining and implementing a continuous integration strategy (20-25%)
  • The development of a continuous delivery and release management strategy (10-15%)

What is the cost of taking the exam? Is it possible to retake the exam?

Each time the exam is taken, the cost is $165 (USD). A second attempt at the exam must be taken within 14 days of failing the first attempt. It is possible to retake the exam up to five times within a year.

Microsoft Certified-DevOps Engineer Expert: What is its validity?

Your certificate will expire six months before the expiration date. Microsoft will send you an email directing you to the specific page on Microsoft Learn where you can renew your certification. A free online renewal exam is also offered as part of the learning modules. The renewal exam measures the skills that are required for staying current in DevOps. It is possible to take this exam as many times as necessary within six months of your certification’s expiration date. Since it focuses exclusively on the latest technological advances, it is much shorter than the actual exam.

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After passing the reassessment on the second attempt, they will extend your certification for a period of one year beyond the expiration date. As the expert-level certificates do not automatically expire, you will be required to take another renewal exam in order to maintain your certification status.

Bottom Line

Microsoft Azure DevOps certifications demonstrate your understanding of DevOps and software development, as well as Azure and cloud computing. A certification in Azure DevOps will be one of the top skills technical professionals will need in 2022. It is necessary to undergo an extensive preparation period and a thorough understanding of the domain to achieve the Microsoft DevOps Engineer Expert designation. As part of your training, you will need to understand DevOps instrumentation, source control, and continuous integration and delivery. In addition to preparing you for this exam, the best Microsoft Azure DevOps certification courses will enhance your skills and capabilities and make you more employable in the future.

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