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Is DevOps a Good Career Path?

Is DevOps a Good Career Path

The digital world is experiencing fast-paced emerging technologies, improving the development process with minimum errors. With applications evolving rapidly, various supporting development concepts like Scrum, Agile, CI/CD, and DevOps are the key focus of the digital economy.

According to survey statistics, the DevOps market is expected to increase at a 24.7% annual rate between 2019 and 2026, surpassing $20 billion. As a result, the demand for DevOps experts is expediting across multiple roles. So, if you plan to flourish your career as a DevOps engineer, the time is now to train with increased development skills. DevOps has facilitated the production team with improved quality and faster delivery, increasing customer satisfaction. But the real question is, is DevOps a good career path?

Is DevOps a Good Career Path in 2023?

With a large number of development companies adopting DevOps principles, the demand for DevOps experts is increasing day by day. Several industry assessments have determined in recent years that DevOps engineers are the most sought-after IT roles in digitally-enabled enterprises.

DevOps accelerates code deployment and testing by releasing code into production more frequently. As a result, the method boosts software efficiency and ensures timely delivery. Therefore, learning DevOps skills allow developers to enjoy a successful career in the IT industry.

Benefits of learning DevOps in IT

Should developers learn DevOps skills? Should companies adopt the DevOps concept? Is DevOps a good career path? The answer to all these questions is YES! DevOps is one of the best career paths for IT professionals today. It also allows companies to improve productivity and increase happy clients. DevOps shortens development cycles and brings more innovation to the development process. With the combination of development and operations, the production team can detect errors and resolve them promptly. Besides business benefits for companies, IT professionals can improve their development skills after pursuing a DevOps career path.

DevOps is the combination of software development and IT operations, which reduces the communication gap and ensures strong collaboration among different teams in production. During the production stage, there may be a barrier or a slowdown in progress. A DevOps career path removes the barrier and speeds up progress. Knowing about each project opportunity will allow you to make more informed judgments.

Is DevOps a Good Career Path?

YES! Here Are the Reasons;

DevOps is a good career path, depending on how passionate you are and how far you wish to go. DevOps is becoming mainstream, and a large number of big organizations are getting started with DevOps. Even small companies are also at ease with the implementation of DevOps. As per the current scenario, DevOps has a good future and a good career path for IT professionals. DevOps is leveraging businesses with faster and more advanced software solutions, which has increased the demand for DevOps engineers. Finding DevOps professionals in a variety of positions are becoming increasingly complex. Here are the reasons why DevOps is a successful career path for IT professionals:

1. DevOps Experts Have High Demand

It is well-known to most people in the technical field and the IT industry that DevOps has revolutionized software development and deployment by eliminating conflicts between development and operations teams – one of the most pressing challenges businesses have faced for a long time.

Implementing a practical DevOps approach can help companies deliver more software solutions faster. In this way, production problems can be prevented and resolved, leading to more positive customer experiences, more effective feedback, and better ways to communicate with customers.

Apart from the obvious benefits, the technical pros businesses can enjoy are largely due to DevOps technologies. It is no wonder businesses worldwide increasingly rely on DevOps technologies and practices. With companies increasingly relying on DevOps-related technologies to stay competitive, the demand for DevOps experts is rising. There has been a 75% rise in DevOps jobs listed on leading job search portals like and a 50% increase in the mention of DevOps on social media sites like LinkedIn.

Companies are successfully maximizing productivity with the help of DevOps engineers. High performance and rapid growth are experienced by organizations implementing DevOps (30 times faster deployment than their competitors). Organizations are willing to pay high salaries to skilled DevOps experts. DevOps Engineers command an average pay of $111,683, according to Dice’s “2019 Tech Salary Report.” DevOps has become an established course for developers and companies that use and develop software in the last few years.

2. Why Is DevOps a Good Career Path?

Answer Is Exponential Career Growth.

You must have extensive software development life cycle (SDLC) knowledge as a DevOps engineer. A DevOps automation expert should also be familiar with implementing various DevOps processes for resolving complex operations problems. Testing, integrating, and coding are all tasks a DevOps engineer must master.

As they gain DevOps experience, Release Managers can advance to DevOps Test Engineers, DevOps Cloud Engineers, and DevOps Architects. DevOps Test Engineers earn an average of $115,000, while DevOps Cloud Engineers and DevOps Architects earn more than $130,000.

There is no shortage of skilled DevOps engineers in the IT business today, and firms such as Accenture, Barclays, and Facebook are continuously looking for qualified candidates. Those with advanced DevOps qualifications and extensive DevOps talents typically earn more money. However, DevOps roles are both rewarding and challenging. As a technical solution provider, full ownership of one’s obligations and the ability to innovate are required.

To meet this challenge, anyone seeking a DevOps career path needs proper, industry-recognized training. If you think you know the response to ‘Is DevOps a good career path?’ you can start with a DevOps certification training course. Additionally, the DevOps Engineer Master’s program will teach you the skills you need to become a DevOps or cloud engineer.

3. As a DevOps expert, what are your key responsibilities?

New roles and responsibilities in the DevOps domain rapidly emerge with technological advancements. Companies list DevOps experts separately, even though many of their skills and duties overlap.

  • An understanding of software development tools and technologies
  • Ability to handle more frequent testing and deployments
  • Operation experience in a production environment
  • IT system knowledge
  • Managing data experience
  • A commitment to achieving business goals
  • Efficiencies are needed, as well as automation tools to achieve them
  • Reengineering process understanding
  • Experience with production environments
  • Experience managing projects

4. Building a DevOps career requires specific technical skills

A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Information Technology is required if you are interested in taking the DevOps online training course. As a DevOps engineer, you will need to learn some technical skills. Knowledge of Linux, Web Development, and Java is also necessary. Because Linux is the platform for most DevOps projects, you should be familiar with the Linux environment and scripting languages such as Python, Pearl, and Ruby. Plus, you need to be familiar with the following DevOps automation tools, such as

  • Ansible, Chef, and Puppet management continuously.
  • Integrating Travis CI, Jenkins, and Bamboo continuously
  • The system is constantly tested (Test Complete, Docker, and Tricentis Tosca)
  • Monitor continuously (Nagios, Sensu, and Splunk)
  • CI/CD process understanding
  • Solve deployment problems by understanding IAS (infrastructure as code) models

Final Thoughts

DevOps professionals view developing and delivering applications as continuous learning and improvement. The DevOps practice is still in its infancy but is evolving rapidly every day. Becoming a DevOps professional does not have a formal career path, but those willing to dedicate the necessary effort have plenty of opportunities.

Therefore, to answer the question, ‘Is DevOps a good career path? A DevOps certification awarded by an influential tech giant or relevant organization will testify to your continuous integration and development skills and knowledge. All small and large organizations employ DevOps concepts to improve development and ensure delivery. As long as businesses are adopting DevOps, the industry’s demand for DevOps experts is continuously rising.

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